Board & Staff

Henrietta Phillips

Acting Chairperson/Secretary

I am a personal injury solicitor at Thompsons Solicitors. I pursue claims on behalf of injured people who have suffered brain injuries to ensure that, where possible, they are properly compensated for their pain and suffering and for their past and future losses. Of course money can only do so much and it is organisations such as Headway which support, rehabilitate and empower my clients and others. I have a strong commitment to Headway and to brain injured people both through my work and also as a consequence of my brother suffering a brain injury in an accident at work in 2012.

I have worked with the Headway North West London board for over 2 years. Initially I took and produced the minutes and action plans after the monthly board meetings, then I took on the additional role of membership secretary and in December 2013 I was co-opted onto the board. In addition to my other roles I also now participate in the decision making and operational work of the board. I also produced and circulated the monthly newsletter throughout 2014.

Jaymini Katira


My background is in Personal Injury Litigation and I have spent many years working with clients’ who have sustained serious injuries following a traumatic accident. It was through my work that I was first introduced to Headway and the outstanding work they do for their members.

Suffering from a head injury is not always visible, and the difficulties that people face can sometimes be unnoticed, but Headway provides support for every hurdle. They support their members as well as their families’ when the unexpected occurs.

I am motivated by making a positive difference to the lives of my clients’ and have a strong commitment to making a change for those most vulnerable in our society. For that reason, I am volunteering with Headway to raise their profile and assist in various fundraising activities and events. I look forward to working with the Board and their members in future projects for the charity.

Claire Angol


I'm a Senior Developer and am married with one daughter.

My first engagement with Headway North West London came in 2005 when a close friend received support and care from the Charity after suffering a brain injury.  I have been a friend of Headway North West London for many years now, helping out at numerous events such as the Tombola at the Pinner Village Show and have recently completed a sponsored walk raising money for HNWL.

I have recently been appointed onto the Headway North West London  Board as bookkeeper and of course will continue to support the charity in other ways too.

Isang Obot

Social media and board/staff liaison

Isang is a Neuroscientist with experience in project management, she has also completed a course at Kings College London and the Royal Society of Biology on Neuroanatomy.

Isang wanted to become involved with HNWL as she has a keen interest in the brain and neuropsychology and wishes to share her knowledge and use her project management skills to support and further the charity’s work.

Isang leads the charity’s social media strategy and provides 1:1 support to the Service Manager, as well as supporting the board with its work generally.

David Bannon

Lead Fundraiser

David became connected with HNWL through a friend with a brain injury who was helped by the charity and has attended functions and fundraising events over the years.

Having seen the help and support that has been made available to the members of HNWL, David decided he would like to be involved and since his appointment as a Trustee has concentrated on fundraising and raising awareness with local businesses and other potential supporters.

Camille Mason-Perez

Clinical Advisor/Facilitator with a particular focus on mental health

Camille works as a specialist support officer in community settings providing one-to-one, and group, psychological support to individuals who are experiencing mental health problems. She further dedicates her time to working as a mental health advocate in hospital settings with a focus on ensuring that people are listened to.

Camille joined Headway North West London in 2020 as a volunteer and was delighted to be invited to the board of Trustees in 2022. This has allowed her to work closely with the team on driving the charity forward.

Camille's role is to raise awareness of the mental health problems experienced by people with brain injuries. She believes that good mental health is crucial as it ripples into everything we do, think, or say. Camille is dedicated to understanding the relationship between the brain and behaviour with a long-term goal of becoming a clinical neuropsychologist

Tracey Freeman

Communication Cafe Co-ordinator

Tracey has been actively involved with Headway North West London since 2005 following her husband’s brain injury.

Tracey is a keen fundraiser and joins the Link, Headway’s weekly day centre, whenever she can.

Tracey is a familiar face to all the service users and is highly committed to continuing the invaluable service Headway North West London provides to all and has been instrumental in setting up the Communication Cafe which is very well attended.

Toby Kesavanathan

Group facilitator / fundraiser

Toby had volunteered with HNWL for nearly a year when he was elected as a Trustee.  He has facilitated social groups and speech and language therapy at the LINK.

Toby obtained a BSc in Psychology incorporating a specialist neuroscience unit which included exploring the effect of brain trauma on language.  He also studied for an MSc in Foundations of Clinical Psychology and a key part of this was utilising counselling skills for the assessment and treatment of service users.

Toby is particularly interested in safeguarding and psychological services. He is also keen to continue working with the friends, families and carers of people with Acquired / Traumatic Brain Injuries. Finally Toby is a keen fundraiser.